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Snip Offset Right Green

Item #:P6900R 
Manufacturer Item: P6900R
Midwest P6900R Snip Offset Right Green
Midwest Snips forged blade UPRIGHT aviation snips are the world's best! We offer two models in this product category  a left and a right. These models were developed and design patented by Midwest Tool And Cutlery Company in response to NIOSH (National Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) research conducted by a major university ergonomics department and test data collected from representatives of the sheet metal workers trade. UPRIGHT aviation snips offer ergonomic advantages and are ideal for use in confined spaces, and overhead use.
  • Faster! 90 deg Blade to handle design - use pushing away from body or pulling toward body - use blades up or blades down
  • Easier! Ergonomically superior design - improves wrist range motion, Use without changing positions by changing hands, Ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Safer! positions hand above material - patented handle design provides secure grip and protects hand from working surface, Latch keeps blades safely closed when snip is not in use
  • Longest lasting cutting edge - blades are hot drop forged of molybdenum alloy steel and austemper heat treated
  • Strongest blades - Hot drop forged process uses grain structure of steel to produce maximum strength
  • Optimum serrations - blades serrated 40 serrations per" to securely grip material without scarring
  • Highest quality components grade 8 blade pivot bolt and heavy duty double overwind spring are unconditionally guaranteed
  • Compound leverage multiplies handle force to cutting blades by 8 : 1 power ratio
  • Strongest handles - High tensile strength steel will not bend from hand pressure and provides most efficient conversion of hand force to cutting power
  • Comfortable handle grips - Thick textured Santoprene grips comfort user's hand and prevent steel handles from wearing through
  • Easiest used in right hand
Sid Harvey Item #:P6900R: Replaces Part #:'s : 29596

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Snip Offset Right Green
Snip Offset Right Green