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Honeywell meets all your hydronic needs in one easy package with the TK Series Combination Boiler Trim Kit. Rather than taking the time to locate and purchase the pieces separately, the boiler trim kit gives you all the accessories needed for a boiler installation. Each kit includes an Expansion Tank, a Boiler Fill Valve/Backflow Preventer, a SuperVent Air Eliminator or an Air Purger/Vent, and check valves. Its a complete, timesaving solution in one handy box - just add water. Honeywell TK Series Combo Boiler Trim kits are a quick way to purchase boiler trim when doing a boiler change out. All kits with SuperVent include expansion tank and a high performance air eliminator.
  • Expansion tank welded, not clamped, for longer, leak-proof life
  • Check valves- allows replacement of expansion tank and/or air vent without draining the heating system
  • SuperVent air eliminator- optimal air removal from hydronic systems
  • DialSet boiler fill valve/backflow preventer- easy dial-set technology allows simple output pressure setting in psi
  • 2.5 gal maximum acceptance volume
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