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Snip Offset Straight Yellow

Item #:P6510-S 
Manufacturer Item: P6510-S
Midwest P6510-S Snip Offset Straight Yellow
Midwest Snips forged blade offset model aviation snips are the world's best! we offer 3 different blade pattern models and 2 blade hardness options in this product category as well as 2 tradesmen sets. These models perform superior to respective model ASME Performance Requirements. Our offset model aviation snips are"The Sheet metal Tradesman's Choice" because they are truly the easiest models to use in a variety of sheet metal cutting applications. The offset blade pattern flows material away from the blades. This allows the snip to move forward without interference when making cuts through long sheets. It also allows the snip to cut tighter curves than other blade pattern models. The left and right blade pattern models cut the tightest curves while the straight blade pattern offers a slightly longer length of cut.
  • Faster! cuts"pinch-thru-point" and requires less hand force - precision cuts completely to blade tip end which reduces cutting strokes and enables complete and accurate trim cuts
  • Easier! Stays in adjustment and flows material away from blades - blade pivot bolt is threaded into bottom blade keeping blades in adjustment for ease of operation, offset blade pattern flows material away from blades for a smooth forward cutting action
  • Safer! lifts hand above material and ergonomic handle width opening - keeps hand safely above sharp edges of material being cut. Reduces muscle stress, latch keeps blades safely closed when snip is not in use
  • Longest lasting cutting edge - blades are hot drop forged of molybdenum alloy steel and austemper heat treated
  • Strongest blades - hot drop forged process uses grain structure of steel to produce maximum strength
  • Optimum serrations - blades serrated 40 serrations per" grip material without scarring
  • Highest quality components - grade 8 blade pivot bolt and heavy-duty double-overwind spring are unconditionally guaranteed
  • Compound leverage multiplies handle force to cutting blades by 8 : 1 power ratio
  • Strongest handles - high tensile strength steel will not bend from hand pressure and provides most efficient conversion of hand force to cutting power
  • Comfortable handle grips - thick textured Santoprene grips comfort user's hand and prevent steel handles from wearing through
  • Use in either hand

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Snip Offset Straight Yellow
Snip Offset Straight Yellow