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Auto Air Separator 1-1/4" FPT (Bronze Body)

Item #:49-125T-2 
Manufacturer Item: 49-125T-2
Manufacturer: TACO INC.
Taco 49-125T-2 Auto Air Separator 1-1/4" FPT
Taco 49-125T-2 Automatic Air Separator, 1-1/4", FNPT, 150 psig, 25 - 240 deg F, 37 Cv, 5 fps Maximum, 32 kilo-VAC, Brass, 4-1/2" W x 7-9/16" H
  • 32 kilo-VAC rating
  • Removes unwanted air from closed loop heating and cooling systems to help increase efficiency and eliminate noise
  • Water or water/glycol media
  • Features bi-directional flow, patented pall ring design
  • Minimal pressure loss, vent can be closed
  • Large surface contact area, protective vent plate
  • Rugged dependability, maximum air removal
  • Convenient expansion tank connection tapping, bi-directional flow
  • Stainless steel pall rings
  • Stainless steel, EPDM, viTon, brass and engineered plastics venting unit components

Taco 49-125T-2

Valves Relief and Pressure

Brand Name
Air Separator
Pressure Setting
150 PSI
Inlet Size
1-1/4" FPT
Outlet Size
1-1/4" FPT
Auto Air Separator 1-1/4" FPT (Bronze Body)