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Alkyl Benzene Refrigeration Oil Gallon 150 SUS

Item #:4310-07 
Manufacturer Item: 4310-07
Manufacturer: NU-CALGON
Shrieve 4310-07 Alkyl benzene Refrigeration Oil Gallon 150 SUS
Shrieve is at the forefront of lubrication technology formulating synthetic alkyl benzene based lubricant solutions for the latest generation hydrocarbon refrigerants. Our foundation within specialty lubricants was established with the supply and marketing of Zerol AB lubricants formulated for stationary refrigeration systems using traditional CFC (e.g. R12) and HCFC (e.g. R22) refrigerants. Their very low pour point, anti-foaming properties and good stability at high temperature provides optimum lubrication even under the most severe conditions. Shrieve also run development programmes with OEMs to formulate lubricant solutions for specific compressor and system designs. Please contact us for further information. Zerol refrigeration oil is a high-quality, premium synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil. It is similar in many ways to natural mineral oils but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration, air-conditioning applications.
  • Solvency
  • High miscibility
  • Low foaming Excellent thermal stability
  • Low floc point quality
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Oil of choice for retrofitting with R-401A, R-401B, R-402A, R-402B and R123
Sid Harvey Item #:4310-07: Replaces Part #:'s : B81-409

Refrigeration Oils

Brand Name
Alkyl benzene
Container Size
1 Gallon
150 SUS
Alkyl Benzene Refrigeration Oil Gallon 150 SUS