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Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 150 SUS

Item #:4303-07 
Manufacturer Item: 4303-07
Manufacturer: NU-CALGON
Calumet 4303-07 Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 150 SUS
All viscosities are manufactured by Calumet Lubricant Co. and are approved by Copeland, Trane and other compressor manufacturers, approvals varying by viscosity. They are specifically designed for today's high performance air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. These modern compressors run at higher speeds and generate higher temperatures and they need better lubrication. Use of C-3s, C-4s, and C-5s mineral oil will insure continued efficient system operation, providing the important properties required from a good refrigeration oil. Nu-Calgon mineral oils combine excellent solubility and stability with good floc and pour points to provide excellent low temperature performance.
  • Recommended by OEM's for use with CFC's and HCFC's
  • Approved by OEM's including Copeland, Carlyle, etc.
  • C-3s is approved replacement for 3GS
Sid Harvey Item #:4303-07: Replaces Part #:'s : F49

Refrigeration Oils

Brand Name
Mineral Oil
Container Size
1 Gallon
150 SUS
Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 150 SUS