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Oil Tank Vent Alarm 1-1/4"

Item #:00201 
Manufacturer Item: 00201
Manufacturer: SCULLY SIGNAL CO
Scully Signal 00201 Ventalarm 1-1/4"
Scully Signal 00201 Ventalarm 1-1/4" MPT Tank Opening x 1/4" Vent Pipe

Scully tank ll signals are the original whistle-stops. They whistle when the tank is lling. When the whistle stops, the tank is full. The calibrated whistle stems allow for product expansion and may be cut for at style tanks. A patented screen keeps the whistle chamber free from pipe scale and bugs. Scully ll alarms stop costly spills and prevent ruptured tanks while improving your delivery efciency. They are completely reliable and accurate. A one time installation usually outlasts the life of the tank. Models are available for most every type of tank installation.

Oil Tank Accessories

Brand Name
Scully Signal
Vent Alarm 1-1/4"
Oil Tank Vent Alarm 1-1/4"