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Part of Superior's trusted horizontal or vertical check valve line, these valves are designed for an easy install and use in your refrigeration or air-conditioning system. For years, this Y type of valve has been the most popular design in the refrigeration industry. The internal parts can easily be removed and reassembled after soldering. This basic Y type design reduces pressure drop to a very low level. The Teflon seat insert rapidly conforms to the cone style of seating surface in the body. This ensures positive shut-off characteristics. This valve minimizes leakage even at the lowest back pressure. A specially designed secondary seat backs up the primary seat. After approximately 10000 cycles of operation, the secondary seat becomes effective. This is done to ensure even better shut-off characteristics as the valve wears into service.
  • Service temperature up to 400 deg F
  • Y design feature reduces pressure drop
  • Factory tested under pressure to ensure leak tightness
  • Installs in any position except upside down
  • Time-proven piston construction
  • Compatible with R-11, R-22, R-123, R-125, R-134A, R-236FA, R-402B, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-500, R502, R-507 refrigerants
  • Specially designed secondary seat backs up primary seat
  • Copper gasket between body cap and body assures positive shut-off
  • Comes with standard 1/2 lb differential spring
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
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