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Soldering Flux 4 oz. Bottle

Item #:T720-50 
Manufacturer Item: SCLF4
Manufacturer: SOLDERS
Harris T720-50 Soldering Flux 4 oz Bottle
A general purpose zinc chloride flux for soldering with all soft solders use with tin-lead solder, tin-antimony solder, Stay-Brite solder.
  • Not recommended for use in electrical or electronic applications
  • Fumes and gases and vapors can be hazardous to your health
  • Flux is corrosive, may be harmful or fatal if inhaled or swallowed
  • Flux causes skin and eye burns
  • Do not taste or swallow
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Heat rays, (infrared radiation) from flame or hot metal can injure eyes
Sid Harvey Item #:T720-50: Replaces Part #:'s : 14951

Solder, Brazing, Rods, Flux

Brand Name
Flux Stay Clean Liquid W/Spout
Soldering Flux 4 oz. Bottle