Molecular Transformer

Item #:MT69 
Manufacturer Item: MT69
Manufacturer: CPS PRODUCTS INC.
CPS Products MT69 Molecular Transformer
CPS Products Pro-Set MT69 Sub Cooler Molecular Transformator 100 deg F The Pro-Set MT69 molecular transformator provides valuable assistance in the transformation of high temperature/pressure vapor refrigerant into low temperature/pressure liquid refrigerant, dramatically improving recovery speed and efficiency. The molecular transformator is a patent pending"Innovation in Design" from CPS, intended for use with all commercially available brands of refrigerant recovery equipment. It is extremely easy to use, saves time and money and provides the missing link in high ambient performance that exists in all commercially available recovery machines on the market today. The MT69 is the only commercialized recovery sub-cooler manufactured for the professional air conditioner and R technician. It transforms molecules of hot refrigerant gas into molecules of refrigerant liquid and also transforms molecules of cold refrigerant liquid into a warm refrigerant gas. Use the MT69 in-line with the discharge line of any recovery machine to dramatically increase the speed of recovery.

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CPS Products
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Molecular Transformation
Molecular Transformer