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Hot-Shot Oil Treatment 16 oz.

Item #:H15-16 
Manufacturer Item: H15-16
Manufacturer: E-ZOIL PRODUCTS, INC
E-Zoil Hot-Shot Oil Treatment H15-16 Hot-Shot Oil Treatment 16 oz
E-Zoil Products Hot Shot H15-16 Heating Oil Treatment, 16 oz Can, Light Yellow
  • The best heating oil performance additive, hot shot enhances all-around performance and helps protect your heating system against expensive breakdowns
  • Totally disperses water
  • Improves combustion
  • Cleans fuel system
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Controls microbial slime
  • Dissolves sludge
  • Waste oil heater compatible
  • Solubility in water greater than 90 %

Water Treatment Chemicals

Brand Name
E-Zoil Hot-Shot Oil Treatment
Hot-Shot Oil Treatment
Container Size
16 oz.
Hot-Shot Oil Treatment 16 oz.