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Mineral Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 300 SUS

Item #:F49-5 
Manufacturer Item: 475330
Parker F49-5 Mineral Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 300 SUS
The Parker Virginia line of chemicals offers exceptional cleaning effectiveness for condenser coils, evaporator coils, ice machines, and commercial dishwashers. Accumulated dirt, dust and grease insulate against heat transfer which can reduce system capacity by as much as 30%. This results in increased compressor amperage draw and longer unit run times which causes increased utility costs and decreased equipment service life. Keeping heat transfer coils clean ensures maximum performance and efficiency. Suniso premium naphthenic based refrigeration and A/C oils have been the AC/R industry standard for over 40 years because of the long trouble-free service records of systems that have used Suniso refrigeration oils.
  • Low floc point, low wax content minimizes the potential for wax separation when used in low temperature applications
  • Low pour point prevents oil from congealing in refrigerant lines
  • Freedom from moisture and other contaminants prevents premature wear and the plugging of lines and oil ports
  • Controlled viscosity, maintains high film strength even when diluted with refrigerant, yet remains fluid under extreme low temperature operating conditions
  • High dielectric strength allows the oil/refrigerant mixture to serve as an insulator between the motor windings and the body in a compressor
  • High chemical stability minimizes the reaction with refrigerants and other materials that are a part of the system
  • High performance desiccant package provides high water and acid capacity
  • Complete contaminant control to protect and extend system life and ensure system reliability
  • Porous molded core provides excellent filtration of solid debris for TEV and compressor protection
  • Less than 0.01 mm Hg vapor pressure
  • Solubility: insoluble in water
  • Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water or Coefficient of water/oil distribution: greater than 20
Sid Harvey Item #:F49-5: Replaces Part #:'s : 4304-07,

Parker F49-5



Refrigeration Oils

Brand Name
Mineral Oil
Container Size
1 Gallon
300 SUS
Mineral Refrigeration Oil 1 Gallon 300 SUS