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Armaflex Adhesive with Brush top 1/2 Pint Can

Item #:A5208 
Manufacturer Item: A5208
Manufacturer: ARMACELL LLC
Armacell® A5208 Adhesive W/Brushtop 1/2 Pint Can (Black)
Armaflex 520 Adhesive is an air-drying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of Armaflex pipe and sheet insulations for line temperatures up to 250 deg F. The golden color adhesive may also be used to apply Armaflex sheet insulation to flat or curved metal surfaces that will operate at temperatures up to 180 deg F.
  • Air-drying, solvent-based contact adhesive for strong bonds and tight seams
  • Formulated for Armaflex insulations
  • Cure time - 36 hr at 250 deg F for insulated pipe, 36 hr at 180 deg F for insulated tanks and equipment
  • Temperature limit - 250 deg F Armaflex pipe insulation seams and joints, 180 deg F full-bonding Armaflex sheet insulation
  • 250/50 rates flame spread and smoke


Mastic (Adhesives)

Brand Name
Armaflex Glue
Container Size
1/2 pt
Armaflex Adhesive with Brush top 1/2 Pint Can