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Combustion Chamber Hallmark 85/115

Item #:711301 
Manufacturer Item: 711301K
Manufacturer: HALLMARK
Boyertown Parts 711301 Combustion Chamber Hallmark 85/115
Boyertown Furnace 711301K Ceramic Combustion Chamber Kit for Hallmark HBD85, HBD115 Oil Fired Furnace, 85000 - 115000 BTU

In 1939, Frank Wilhelm would begin his journey into the heating industry. He utilized his field experience and his passion to design an oil fired warm air furnace that would set a standard to which all others would be measured. In doing so, he designed and manufactured the furnace known today in the industry as the HALLMARK. He later would start, along with his father and brother, the Atlantic Heating and Cooling Company in Baltimore, Maryland. The company, large enough to produce thousands of furnaces annually, yet small enough to appreciate each order received. Frank Wilhelm made sure that each of his customers received his personal attention with every order placed. The Hallmark would soon be recognized by all technicians as the furnace that was the most serviceable in the industry. When ever you talked with Frank, there was an undeniable sense of pride and satisfaction to his commitment to customer satisfaction, quality and craftsmanship.Today, the same tradition is carried on by Boyertown Furnace Company, who purchased and moved the manufacturing facilities to Boyertown, Pa. in 1980. The employees, like Frank Wilhelm take pride in their contribution to the quality and reliability of each Hallmark produced. We have not forgotten the founders commitment to customer satisfaction. Said Rosemarie Bartchak, Sales and Marketing Manager since 1980, who like Frank, has sold and marketed Boyertown Furnace Co. with a personal touch. Boyertown Furnace has added two new members to its family. The  REGAL for residential and the COX for commercial applications, giving Boyertown Furnace the most complete line of oil furnaces in the industry, allowing firing from 65,000 BTUs to 400,000 BTUs. The Hallmark Furnace entered the market in 1939, in 1981, Boyertown Furnace Company proudly took over the manufacturing of the Hallmark Furnace and by 1992, and Boyertown Furnace doubled the size of its original building. How do we remain committed to our founder's quality? Let us show you how we come together.

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Combustion Chamber Hallmark 85/115