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Panel Radiator 36" H x 32" W 9,083 BTU

Item #:DD36.32DBL 
Manufacturer Item: DD36.32DBL
Manufacturer: PNA
Pensotti DD36.32DBL Panel Radiator 36" H x 32" W 9,083 BTU
Pensotti panel radiators combine the comfort of radiant heat with an elegant contemporary design. These attractive radiators have been providing unsurpassed comfort and efficiency in European homes for more than 40 years. Because they are extremely versatile they can be used as a primary heating system, a supplement to a radiant floor system, or in conjunction with traditional heating sources.
  • Space saving design
  • Quiet, comfortable heating
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Virtually silent in operation, pensotti panel radiators eliminate the noises associated with other types of heating systems
  • Unlike conventional baseboard which provides only convective heat, panel radiators emit both radiant and convective heat to produce a blanket of unequaled warmth
  • Wall mounted and uniquely designed, pensotti panel radiators are durable, easy to clean and reduce the areas where household dirt and dust might collect
  • When compared to conventional baseboard, Pensotti Panel Radiators require just one quarter the amount of wall space, allowing for more flexibility in room design and furniture placement
  • Installation in closed-loop hot water systems
  • Not for use in steam systems
  • Radiator can be turned 180 deg to allow for either left or right hand pipe connections

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Brand Name
Panel Radiator
36" x 32"
Panel Radiator 36" H x 32" W 9,083 BTU