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Blue Monster Sealant 16 oz.

Item #:76015 
Manufacturer Item: 76015
Mill Rose 76015 Blue Monster Sealant 16 oz
Blue Monster professional grade pipe joint compounds have been engineered to address poor quality metal threads and the increased use of plastic pipe systems. Two formulas are available in the regular compounds one with and one without PTFE. They won't separate in the can as easily as other brands when not in use and they adhere to the threads even in the presence of water or oils.
  • Specially formulated for production line use
  • Adheres to oily threads
  • Non-hardening
  • Non-toxic
  • Slow drying
  • Easy cleanup
  • Soft set
  • Grit free
  • Low odor

Pipe Joint Compound

Brand Name
Mill Rose
Container Size
10 oz
Blue Monster Sealant
Blue Monster Sealant 16 oz.