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Odor Neutralizer 1/2 lb Tub

Item #:1500 
Manufacturer Item: 1500D
ClenAir 1500 Odor Neutralizer 1/2 lb Tub
ClenAir's unique odor neutralizing formula removes odors quickly and permanently. Originally designed for use in central air systems, on fire and flood restoration jobs and in sewage facilities, ClenAir is a professional product, yet it leaves no lingering antiseptic or perfume smell. Use ClenAir gel to combat stubborn odor, even those that have built up over time like cigarette odor or pet odors. Simply place the gel near the source of the odor or in the return duct of your central air system. The best product available for musty basements. Great for smoke and water damage as well as pet odors. Used by heating and air conditioning technicians, professional duct cleaners, janitors and property management.
  • Eliminates odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, stale air, sewer gas, pets and more
  • Works great with heating ventilation and air conditioning systems
Sid Harvey Item #:1500: Replaces Part #:'s : R85-662

Water Treatment Chemicals

Brand Name
Odor Neutralizer
Container Size
8 oz.
Odor Neutralizer 1/2 lb Tub