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Side Wall Power Vent System 50K-160K BTU Natural & LP

Item #:106-10 
Manufacturer Item: SS1
Tjernlund 106-10 Side Wall Power Vent System 50k-160k BTU Natural & LP
The SideShot models SS1 and SS2 SideWall Vent Systems include the UC1 Universal Control for increased safety, performance and reliability. Designed for oil fired heating equipment or a deluxe gas vent system. Patented vent termination propels flue gases at high velocities away from the building exterior, a necessity when venting oil fired equipment. Both models can be installed with zero clearance to combustible materials and have stainless steel construction in critical areas. Factory wired safety and operating controls allow simple interlock with any burner. The new model SS2 features a self-cleaning stainless steel, backward inclined impeller and sealed ball bearing motor for virtually maintenance free installations. Ultra-fine draft adjustment and slide-out access to all internal components. Easy multiple appliance interlocks with our MAC Series multiple appliance controls.
  • Use to side wall vent non-condensing oil fired boilers, water heaters and furnaces that otherwise would require a conventional roof top terminated chimney
  • Built-in interlock control with redundant high limit safety switch interfaces easily with thermostat, aquastat or primary controls
  • Adjustable pre and post purge timing and easy fault code retrieval
  • Stainless steel construction in all critical components including outdoor terminus
  • Patented design jets flue gases away from the outside wall to eliminate potential staining of siding
Sid Harvey Item #:106-10: Replaces Part #:'s : 6H167

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Brand Name
Side Wall draft Inducer
50,500 Diameter
120 VAC
Side Wall Power Vent System 50K-160K BTU Natural & LP