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System Flushing Agent 2 Pound

Item #:QT1100 
Manufacturer Item: QT1100
Manufacturer: QWIK PRODUCTS
Mainstream Engineering QT1100 System Flushing Agent 2 Pound
Quick Products QT1100 Qwik System Flush, 2 lb Aerosol Can, Clear and Qwik System Flush is used to flush contaminants such as debris, residual oil, acid, and moisture from refrigeration line sets. If you can't replace refrigeration line sets after a burnout or R-22 to R-410A change out, then you should use Qwik System Flush to remove residual contamination. See our application bulletin for in depth instructions on how to use Qwik System Flush.,

Mainstream Engineering QT1100

Special A/C & Refrigeration Chemicals

Brand Name
Mainstream Engineering
Container Size
2 Pound
System Flush Agent
System Flushing Agent 2 Pound