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Automatic Gas Vent Damper 6" Round

Item #:GVD-6PL 
Manufacturer Item: 46487101
Field Controls GVD-6PL Automatic Gas Vent Damper 6" Round
Field Controls (GVD) gas vent damper was developed to reduce off cycle venting losses through boilers and draft hoods. When the boiler is in a standby mode, heat escapes up the chimney. The heat comes from the boiler and the conditioned space. To significantly reduce these losses, install a Field Controls Gas Vent Damper. The damper is installed in the vent as close to the draft hood as practical. When properly installed, the damper opens before the burner fires, and closes after the burner shuts off. The electrical circuits in this product are designed not to override the existing limit and safety controls of the boiler.
  • Operates with all 24 VAC , 60 Hz intermittent ignition and standing pilot ignition systems
  • Stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Damper operation - power opens in 15 sec, power closes in 15 sec, power is off at damper motor when it is at rest
  • Hold open switch allows damper to be placed in an open position and taken out of service to assist with trouble shooting appliance problems
  • Keyed wiring harness connector plug installs only one way, preventing incorrect wiring connection
  • Flex seal provides self cleaning action
Sid Harvey Item #:GVD-6PL: Replaces Part #:'s : 40703,

Field Controls GVD-6PL

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Field Controls
Vent Damper
Automatic Gas Vent Damper 6" Round