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Mechanical Defrost Control 4-110 Min SPDT 120 VAC

Item #:C255-138 
Manufacturer Item: 8145-00
Paragon C255-138 Mechanical Defrost Control 4-110 Min SPDT 120 VAC
The Paragon 8000 series commercial defrost controls are designed for commercial freezers and refrigerators to provide automatic defrost capability. They accommodate various types of defrost systems including electric defrost heaters, hot gas, and compressor off cycle.
  • Positive slide bar switch design assures positive electrical contact and wipes the contact surface of contaminates
  • Temperature or pressure terminated models are designed to stop defrosting using an external temperature or pressure device
  • Safety back-up - mechanical time-driven defrost termination
  • Heavy-duty synchronous design drive motor
  • Choice of 3-contact arrangements
  • Adjustable frequency of defrost initiation from 1 - 6-cycles per day with a minimum of 4 hr between successive operations
  • Adjustable back-up defrost termination from 4 - 110 min in 2 min increments
  • Have an adjustable cut-in pressure dial calibrated from 36 - 110 lb for R12, R22, R502
  • Time initiated/temperature or pressure terminated
  • Open switch arrangement for contacts 1 - 3, closed switch arrangement for contacts 2 - 4
  • Electric heat, hot gas or compressor shutdown
  • 1 year limited warranty
Sid Harvey Item #:C255-138: Replaces Part #:'s : C255-138R

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120 VAC
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Paragon Timer 8145-00 REMANUFACTURED

Sid Harvey Remanufactured C255-138R Paragon Timer 8145-00 REMANUFACTURED
Mechanical Defrost Control 4-110 Min SPDT 120 VAC