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We remanufacture over 1700 parts designed to help contractors save time and money. Available only through Sid Harvey's, our remanufactured parts help;
bulletLower your parts inventory cost
bulletReduce time spent on service calls
bulletSave time on jobs
bulletIncrease your profits

All Sid Harvey's parts, whether they are popular everyday items, hard to find exact replacements, or one-of-a-kind special orders, go through our exclusive Remanufacturing process.  Since its inception in 1933, our plant in Valley Stream, Long Island has concentrated solely on Remanufacturing heating and air conditioning parts.   Thousands of visitors have witnessed our superior quality control and are visibly impressed with the many detailed processes involved in completely remanufacturing the parts that are vital to their livelihood.

Sid Harvey's remanufacturing is in a class far beyond the repair shop or "garage-based" rebuilder, who fixes only what is broken.  Reuseable components and shells are first sent to our cleaning department which uses sophisticated methods (ultrasonic, sandblasting, chemical bathing, etc.) to perfectly restore them.   The thoroughly cleaned parts are then subjected to rigorous component testing.   No expense is spared on critical components.  They are tested on specially designed equipment and either reworked or replaced with new.  Some are even modified to incorporate improvements made after their original manufacture date.  Parts then go to one of our specialized production departments, each of which has its own tooling and testing equipment that is unmatched in the industry.

The finished products are then subjected to painstaking and rigidly controlled final tests and inspection.  For all practical purposes, the product that emerges is a new unit, that carries a longer guarantee than most new units do; and in many cases its quality is even better than new!

Sid Harvey's is one of the few manufacturers/ remanufacturers looking at parts after they have been in use for more than a year, the customary new part warranty period.  For 60 years Sid Harvey's has witnessed how component performance is effected by actual on-the-job conditions such as dirt, sludge, corrosion, chemicals (and occasionally even end user abuse).  After this type of examination, our engineers analyze conditions and recommend improvements designed to either withstand or prevent a particular problem from reoccurring.  This then becomes the standard in the remanufacturing process, making the part better than new.

Verification of UL Certification

Sometimes customers question whether we really have UL approved remanufactured products.  It’s not that they don’t believe us, it’s just that they are under the impression that only new items can get UL approval.  They may have been told this by a manufacturer’s local rep, read it in an advertising piece, or seen it on a web site.  The fact is that there is a lot of wrong information out there concerning UL approved remanufactured products.  What may have been true in years past is no longer true today.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers continue to perpetuate this wrong information.

So, let’s set the record straight.  We definitely do have UL approved remanufactured products!  These products carry the same UL certification as their new counterparts.  For example, if the new product carries the UL “Listed” insignia (UL letters inside of a circle) the corresponding remanufactured product will also carry that insignia.  If the new product carries the UL “Component Recognized” insignia (a backward UR) the corresponding remanufactured product will also carry that insignia.  Our UL remanufactured products have undergone the same rigorous UL testing as the new equivalent and meet all the criteria of the latest UL Standard for that device.  UL considers them equivalent to a new device in every way.  Furthermore, just like the new manufacturer, our factory receives periodic, unannounced inspections by UL to insure that we are complying with all requirements to maintain our approvals.  There is no easing of standards for remanufactured products.  Whether you produce a new product or a remanufactured product makes no difference, UL treats everyone the same.

We are in a unique position.  UL tells us that we are only the second company in the history of our industry to have UL approved remanufactured products (the first company was Fireye), and that we are the first company that was not the original manufacturer of the devices approved.  And while not all of our remanufactured products are UL approved yet, the major ones are. 

Now, for those customers that want the further assurance of hearing directly from UL about our UL approved products they can go directly to the UL web site and get that information.  UL has a large, impressive web site that can be a little confusing.  To help find our remanufactured products quickly follow these steps:


1.     Using your browser, go to

2.     When you get to the UL home page look to the left of the page.  Click on the “Certifications” link.

3.     You will be taken to the “Your Online Resource for UL Certification Information” page.  Scroll down the page and click on the “Company Name / Location” link listed under the heading “General Search.”

4.     The next page will show a box where you can enter the name of a company.  Type-in  “Sid Harvey” and click on the “SEARCH” button at the bottom of the page.

5.     The next page will show the results of the search.  You should see a number of Sid Harvey entries listed there.  The first four entries are for reman products.  In the column marked “Link to File” click on any of the blue colored links for information about that category of device. Different reman products are shown under different categories depending on whether they are “Listed” or “Component Recognized.”  When you get to one of the blue colored links it will show the part numbers for that category. Clicking on “Guide Information” at any of the links takes you to a page with more information concerning the category.

I hope this information helps build customer confidence in our UL approved remanufactured products.


JIM OTTO, Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing


Sid Harvey's remanufactured line is backed by an unprecedented warranty.

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