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Our manufacturing division sets us apart from competitors who sell private labeled products made by other manufacturers. Most of the Sid Harvey brand products we sell are manufactured in our own factory. Cost, quality and availability are the cornerstones on which we have built our reputation. Our goal is to consistently provide the best products available while making them easier to use and more cost efficient.

Over the years, Sid Harvey’s has evolved into a diverse wholesaler offering more air conditioning and refrigeration products than ever before. Today, we carry over 750 manufactured parts. We listen to our customers and our field personnel to help guide us in our expansion.

Contractors buy newly manufactured products by Sid Harvey’s because of our attention to detail and quality. As a wholesaler, we buy and sell a variety of products but if we find something we can make better, or more economically, we do it. We put the same level of quality into the entire line of products we manufacture.

Among the products we manufacture, some are unique to the Market and others, are similar to existing products but modified to appeal to Sid Harvey customers. Our research and development department has produced unique products such as our central pumper system used to supply oil to remote or suspended commercial heating units. On a smaller scale, we developed a bleed wrench for use on oil pumps. Before we came up with the Turn-A-Kit™ bleed wrench, a technician had to use a regular wrench, and then try and catch the oil in a coffee can. The Turn-A-Kit™, developed over 25 years ago, was our first patent product. It bleeds air right through its handle through a little hose and directly into an oil receptacle. We came up with its design by listening to our customers talk about the mess they had on their hands.

Another product designed with the technician in mind is the model 264 oil filter. Features include a galvanized steel can, which provides internal and external rust protection. Zinc plated internal components, makes it easy to remove the center bolt by providing additional corrosion protection. The filter comes with the patented Micro-Flow oil filter element, made out of continuous micro-spin fiber. The element was developed in reaction to customer complaints that other filters were shedding fibers that were creating blockage in burner nozzles.

Our manufacturing division also buys certain items and repackages them as a convenience to customers who wish to purchase them in smaller quantities than are normally stocked. 

While repackaging will continue to be important, developing and manufacturing new product will be emphasized in the future. Along with our traditional strength in oil heat products, Sid Harvey’s expects to see continued growth in parts it manufactures for the air conditioning and refrigeration markets.

The future of our manufacturing is dependent on what happens in the field.  As the world and technology changes, we are right there, being aware of it and developing new products, concepts and  services to keep our customers current.

Our goal is to consistently provide the best products available while making them easier to use and more cost efficient.

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