Industry Associations



ABMA (American Boiler Manufacturers Association)

ABMA is a national association representing the manufacturers of commercial, industrial and utility steam generating and fuel burning equipment, as well as suppliers to the industry. The primary goal of ABMA is to promote the common business interests of the boiler manufacturing industry and to promote the safe, environmentally friendly use of the products and services of its members. ABMA jointly serves as a vehicle for generating support in the state and federal governments for industry concerns, while also informing the public of the vitality, environmental consciousness and high-tech orientation of the boiler industry. Back To Top

ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)

Trade association of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors. With 68 state and local chapters across the country, ACCA's member network of more than 9,000 contractors nationwide also includes manufacturers of HVACR equipment, wholesalers and distributors, vocational and technical schools, facilities operators, and others.  Back To Top

AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)

A dedicated group of over 8,000 professionals in 67 local and regional chapters committed to helping their firms or clients increase energy efficiency, utilize innovative energy service options, enhance environmental management programs, upgrade facility operations, and improve equipment performance while at the same time bolstering their organizations' bottom lines. Divisions include the ESMS - Energy Services Marketing Society, the FMI - Facility Managers Institute, the EEMI - Environmental Engineers & Managers Institute, and the CI - Cogenerational and Competitive Power Institute.  Back To Top

AGA (American Gas Association)

Represents 189 local natural gas utilities that deliver gas to 54 million homes and businesses in all 50 states. Additionally, AGA provides services to member natural gas pipelines, marketers, gatherers, international gas companies and a variety of industry associates.  AGA acts as a clearinghouse for gas energy information, as a catalyst in technical and energy policy matters, and as a powerful voice for its members.  AGA advocates the interests of its natural gas utility members and their customers, and provides information and services promoting demand and supply growth and operational excellence in the safe, reliable and cost-competitive delivery of natural gas.  Back To Top

AGCC (American Gas Cooling Center)

Primary mission is to develop international gas air conditioning, dehumidification and refrigeration markets. The Cooling Center's commercialization strategy focuses on technology education and communication to assure that gas cooling is given due consideration for new construction and in retrofit installations for a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.  An organization comprised of over 300 utilities, manufacturers, the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, the American Gas Association (A.G.A.), the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and other industry associations. The AGCC was formed in 1989 and is funded by the natural gas industry and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment manufacturers to facilitate the commercialization of natural gas cooling and heat pump equipment.  Back To Top

AIM/R (The Association of Industry Manufacturers Representatives) 

Is the national trade association that benefits independent sales representatives in the plumbing, HVAC and related industries by promoting the proper utilization of the rep function. AIM/R provides its members with a competitive advantage through education, information exchange, networking and a wide array of quality member services.  Back To Top

ARI (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute)

National trade association representing manufacturers of more than 90 percent of U.S. produced central air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. ARI develops and publishes technical standards for industry products. ARI standards establish rating criteria and procedures for measuring and certifying product performance. In this way, products are rated on a uniform basis, so that buyers and users can properly make selections for specific applications. Many ARI standards are accepted as American National Standards.  Back To Top

ARTI 21-CR (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Institute, 21st Century Research)

The Twenty-First Century Research (21-CR) initiative is a private-public sector research collaboration of the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry, with the mission to identify, prioritize, and undertake pre-competitive research that focuses on decreasing energy consumption, increasing indoor environmental quality, and safeguarding the environment.  Back To Top

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.)

Is an international organization of 50,000 persons with chapters throughout the world. The Society is organized for the sole purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration for the public's benefit through research, standards writing, continuing education and publications.  Through its membership, ASHRAE writes standards that set uniform methods of testing and rating equipment and establish accepted practices for the HVAC&R industry worldwide, such as the design of energy efficient buildings.  ASHRAE organizes broad-based technical programs for presentation at its semiannual meetings and co-sponsors the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition, the largest HVAC&R trade show in North America.  Back To Top

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers International)

ASME International is a nonprofit educational and technical organization serving a worldwide membership of 125,000.  They Conduct one of the world's largest technical publishing operations, hold some 30 technical conferences and 200 professional development courses each year and set many industrial and manufacturing standards.  The work of the Society is performed by its member-elected Board of Governors and through its five Councils, 44 Boards and hundreds of Committees in 13 regions throughout the world. There are a combined 400 sections and student sections serving ASME's worldwide membership.  Back To Top


BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association International)

A premier network of over 18,000 commercial real estate professionals founded in 1907.  Today BOMA International represents 100 North American and nine overseas associations in Australia, Brazil, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and South Africa. BOMA's North American membership represents a combined total of more than 8.5 billion square feet of office space.  BOMA provides a network forum for industry professionals to discuss mutual problems, exchange ideas and share experience and knowledge.  The Office Building Show®, a showcase for the latest equipment and services available, the Annual Convention in June attracts thousands of participants over the 3-day educational event.  Back To Top


CTI (Cooling Tower Institute)

Established in 1950 CTI advocates and promotes the use of environmentally responsible Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS) for the benefit of the public by encouraging, education, research, standards development and verification, government relations and technical information exchange.  CTI maintains a broad base membership of individuals and organizations interested in Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS).   Back To Top 


FMI (Food Marketing Institute)

Is a nonprofit association conducting programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on behalf of its 1,500 members including their subsidiaries — food retailers and wholesalers and their customers in the United States and around the world. FMI’s domestic member companies operate approximately 21,000 retail food stores with a combined annual sales volume of $300 billion — three-quarters of all grocery store sales in the United States. FMI’s retail membership is composed of large multi-store chains, small regional firms and independent supermarkets. Its international membership includes 200 members from 60 countries.  Back To Top


GAMA (The Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association)  

Represents manufacturers of appliances, components and products used in connection with space heating, water heating and commercial food service. In addition to gas-fired appliances, GAMA’s scope includes certain oil-fired and electrical appliances.  GAMA serves as the industry spokesman before legislative and regulatory bodies of government; a catalyst for member political awareness; a force for product improvement; a source of market statistics; a coordinator of generic advertising, promotion and industry publicity; and a contact with consumers.  Back To Top


HARDI (Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International)  

HARDI is a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to the science of wholesale distribution in the HVACR industry. The business of their members is the marketing and distribution of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment and supplies, sheet metal, controls, filters and related items. Major customer classes include installation and service/replacement contractors in the residential and light commercial building markets, and commercial/industrial maintenance staffs. HARDI is a recent consolidation of two long time wholesale trade organizations - North American Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Wholesalers (NHRAW) and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Wholesalers International (ARWI). The new organization represents over 450 wholesale companies, including 17 international companies, plus over 300 manufacturing associates and nearly 140 manufacturer representatives. It is estimated that HARDI members represent 80 percent of the dollar value of the HVACR products sold through distribution.Back To Top


IAFIS (International Association of Food Industry Suppliers)

IAFIS is a 90 year-old global trade association of more than 700 members supplying the food, dairy, beverage and related sanitary processing industries, addressing the marketing and business information needs of the food supply channel.  Their mission is to enhance the sales and profits of the food supply industry through programs and services that: Promote the development of buying and selling relationships among the members of the food industry.  Provide marketing and business information resources that assist the firms of the food industry to meet the needs of their customers.  Back To Top


MCAA (Mechanical Contractor Association of America)

The more than 2,000 contractors that proudly call themselves members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America are dedicated to excellence and committed to quality. MCAA members deliver construction that moves quickly and efficiently. Their jobs are problem free and safeBack To Top


NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores)

Founded August 14, 1961, NACS is an international trade association representing 2,300 retail and 1,700 supplier company members. NACS member companies do business in nearly 40 countries around the world, with the majority of members based in the United States. The U.S. convenience store industry, with approximately 119,750 stores across the country, posted $234 billion in total sales for 1999, with $134 billion in motor fuels sales.  Back To Top

NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association)

NADCA is an active non-profit trade association, dedicated to the continuous progression of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) hygiene industry.  NADCA's mission is to lead the domestic and international HVAC hygiene industry in standard setting, research, information dissemination and the promotion of ethical practices.  In order to ensure the continuing education of the HVAC hygiene industry, NADCA generates standards that are recognized industry-wide. In addition, NADCA's certification program and system of continuing education for HVAC hygiene professionals is increasingly receiving recognition nationwide.  NADCA's number one goal is to educate the HVAC hygiene industry, as well as the end-user, that source removal is the most effective method of HVAC cleaning.  Back To Top

NAOHSM (National Association of Oil Heat Service Managers)

NAOHSM is the only industry association devoted exclusively to the education and advancement of Oil heat service professionals. They are the nation's residential and commercial oil heating and HVAC service managers.
Overseeing every kind of home comfort installation and service activity you're likely to encounter, which means they have plenty of "hands on" knowledge to send your way via educational seminars and videos. 
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NAESCO (National Association of Energy Service Companies)

NAESCO represents the energy services industry and provides a united voice for the industry in government relations and political action. NAESCO is helping to open new markets for energy services internationally and bringing together international energy service providers.  NAESCO sponsors a rigorous accreditation program for ESCOs and certain specialized project developers to recognize capability and experience.  NAESCO develops policies and programs that link persistency to measurement requirements, reward the delivery of actual savings, and ensure that customers have freedom to choose among all energy service providers. On behalf of the industry, NAESCO educates customers about industry successes and the breadth of industry experience, producing reports, case studies, data surveys, and articles for the general media to promote industry trends and practices.  Back To Top

NAFEM (North-American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers)

NAFEM represents approximately 700 companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico that manufacture commercial foodservice equipment and supplies.  NAFEM members account for 85 percent of all foodservice equipment and supplies sold in the United States. The organization's diverse membership ranges from family owned businesses and entrepreneurial operations to corporate global giants.  Back To Top

NATE (North American Technician Excellence, Inc.)

As an independent, non-profit coalition of industry leaders, NATE provides nationwide testing and certification for HVAC technicians.  Their goal is to raise consumers' opinions of the HVAC industry, increase the supply of qualified technicians and continuing education. The NATE program is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy, it trains contractors in the proper installation and service of HVAC equipment, which means equipment that operates at peak efficiency, helping utilities achieve load shape and energy goals.  Back To Top

NAW National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) is the Washington, DC-based trade association that represents the wholesale distribution industry. NAW is active in these areas: government relations and political action; research and education; and group purchasing. In addition to NAW, the association operates the Wholesaler-Distributor Political Action Committee, the Distribution Research & Education Foundation, and the NAW Service Corporation.  NAW encompasses: Over 100 national line-of-trade associations, representing virtually all products that move to market via wholesaler-distributors; Approximately 50 regional, state, and local wholesale distribution associations; Approximately 40,000 wholesale distribution companies, most of which belong to one or more of NAW's national, regional, state, and local associations; and 85,000 wholesale distribution company personnel. Back To Top

NEFI (New England Fuel Institute)

NEFI is a nationally recognized business association of some 1,100 member companies in the heating oil and related heating service industry.  NEFI is a voice before government regulators to secure and maintain a stable and profitable operating environment on behalf of the independent heating oil dealer.  NEFI is the ambassador before the public to promote the benefits of Oil heat.  NEFI is the resource for significant cost saving programs to insure your business and protect the well being of oil heat companies and their employees.  NEFI is the pipeline to information for virtually all segments of the industry. ...a pathway to continued success as an independent fuel marketing, distribution, and service company.  Back To Top

NORA (National Oil-Heat Research Alliance)

NORA began operations on March 1, 2001.  Oil heat distributors across the country are acting together to improve the value and benefits the public receives for every gallon of Oil heat consumed. NORA collects an assessment of $.002 (2/10 of a cent) imposed on every gallon of red dyed distillate fuel sold in NORA states.  NORA states include, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, Wisconsin and Washington D.C.  These funds will be used for consumer education, Oil heat research and development, and technical training to the benefit of the consuming public and the industry.  The start of a new R&D era — Oil heat can now invest substantial research and development funds as other industries do to ensure relevance in the high tech future of America.  R&D efforts under consideration include environmentally sophisticated burners; improvements in fuel quality and combustion; self-adjusting boilers and furnaces for maximum efficiency; and even electricity generation from silicon chips, using radiance within an Oil heat system's firing chamber as their energy source.  Also, NORA will help inform the public about why Oil heat is the viable and right energy choice for many homeowners in Oil heat climate regions.    Back To Top   


OHIENY (Oil Heat Institute of Eastern New York)

OHIENY was established to promote the advantages of Oil heat to the consumer and provide education programs to their members.  OHIENY encourages industry-wide standards of service and integrity to best serve the communities in which we live and work.  Organized in 1964, following the consolidation of groups in Troy, Albany, the Mohawk Valley and in Fulton and Montgomery counties, OHIENY has expanded to include 19 additional counties in upstate New York. As well, they have working agreements for shared marketing/promotion initiatives with similar groups throughout New York State.  Their member companies continually strive to provide a higher level of service to their communities.  Back To Top


PHCC (Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association)

Dedicated to the promotion, advancement, education and training of the industry for the protection of our environment and the health, safety and comfort of society.  Back To Top

PMAA (Petroleum Marketing Association of America)

PMAA is a federation of 42 state and regional trade associations representing 7,850 independent petroleum marketers nationwide. The bulk of these marketers are small, family businesses serving the petroleum needs of their local community. Collectively, these marketers sell approximately half the gasoline, 60% of the diesel fuel and 80% of the home heating oil consumed in America annually. 


RETA (Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association)

An international society founded in 1910 and composed of men and women involved in the design, operation and service of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.  Its purpose is to provide education and training, as well as networking benefits for both experienced operators and those who have recently entered this field.  Today, RETA maintains a membership of over 1,300 individuals and companies. Throughout the United States, local chapters offer their members a wide range of benefits -- all designed to keep them up to date on new developments in equipment and operating procedures, practical aspects of everyday engine room operations, troubleshooting and dealing with emergencies. Back To Top

RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

RSES was founded in 1933. Staying faithful to its original covenant, RSES continues to conduct educational meetings, seminars, workshops, technical qualification and examination programs, training courses and publishes several volumes of books (the "SAM" series), publishes its own monthly trade magazine, (the RSES Journal), and conducts other related activities.  Chapter taught educational courses are available in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Heating, Heat Pump, Controls, and Electricity. Mini-courses have been developed on Trade Tools and Test Instruments, Principles of Refrigeration, Condensers and Cooling Towers, Safety, Instruments and Controls, Oil Burners, Electric Heating and Heat Pumps, IAQ and numerous other HVACR group or individual study courses... 23 mini-courses in all. Both individual memberships and corporate memberships are offered.  Back To Top


SMACNA (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association)

SMACNA's mission is to provide products, services, and representation to enhance members' businesses, markets, and profitability.  SMACNA is an international association of union contractors, it has 1,908 members in 102 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil.  Members perform work in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. They specialize in heating, ventilating and air conditioning; architectural sheet metal; industrial sheet metal; kitchen equipment; specialty stainless steel work; manufacturing; siding and decking; testing and balancing; service; and energy management and maintenance.  Back To Top