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Introduces a new concept to the
HVAC contractor / installer...
1-Stop Shopping

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bulletGet your equipment and any possible product needed for installations, in one place, at one time, at a truly competitive price from people who know your needs and understand your business.
bulletExclusive to Sid Harvey's Equipment Central gives you easy access by phone, by fax, by e-mail or in person.
bulletVisit one of our Equipment Central branches and see for yourself...It's a whole new way of shopping for equipment and accessories.

Equipment manufacturers in stock at Equipment Central

Accessories in stock
at Equipment Central

Equipment Central Locations

Sid Harvey's Equipment
Dealer Program

Equipment Dealer Information
Packet Request

Some of the equipment manufacturers
in stock at Equipment Central

bulletHeil3.jpg (1496 bytes)  tempstar3.jpg (1999 bytes)
Commercial - Rooftops - Cool Only & Heat/Cool Residential - Cooling, Heat Pumps, Gas/Oil/Electric Heat
bulletwilliam3.jpg (989 bytes)
Williamson Oil Furnace
bullethallmark3.jpg (1992 bytes)
Hallmark Oil Furnaces
bulletfujitsu3.jpg (995 bytes)
Fujitsu Mini Split Ductless A/C
and Heat Pumps
bulletcrown3.jpg (1495 bytes)
Crown Cast Iron Boilers - Gas / Oil
bulletThermo3.jpg (1000 bytes)
Thermo-Dynamics Steel Boilers
bulleteverhot3.jpg (1985 bytes)
Therma-Flo/Everhot Oil Fired Water Heaters
bulletbock3.jpg (1000 bytes)
Bock Oil Fired Water Heaters
bulletmodine3.jpg (1500 bytes)
Modine Unit Heaters
bulletmiller3.jpg (1473 bytes)
Miller Mobile Home Furnaces
bulletcozy3.jpg (1000 bytes)
Cozy Wall Furnaces
bulletADP3.jpg (1481 bytes)
ADP Evaporator Coils
bulletpeerless3.jpg (1497 bytes)
Peerless Oil/ Gas Fired Cast Iron Boilers
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Some of the accessories in stock at Equipment Central

bulletHart & Cooley Grilles and Registers
bulletB-Vent Chimney
bulletDraft Inducers and Controls
bulletElectronic Air Cleaners
bulletAir Filters
bulletSheet Metal / Fittings
bulletAttic Ventilators
bulletHot Water Baseboard
bulletPower Venters
bulletChimney Liner Kits
bulletTankless Coils
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Equipment Central Locations

Farmingdale, NY

Providence, RI

Cheektowaga, NY

Reading, PA

Trenton, NJ

Waterbury, CT

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Sid Harvey's Equipment Dealer Program

As competition in our industry intensifies, it is more important than ever to form a strong partnership with your key suppliers.  Sid Harvey's is committed to helping your business grow.  From training to incentive vacations, we have put together a comprehensive dealer support program.

Program Highlights:

bulletAs a registered Sid Harvey Equipment Dealer, you are entitled to one of three Co-op options.  Funds will be accrued for your account based on purchases of "Qualified Equipment Vendor Products".
bulletOption #1
Free Equiguard Extended Service Agreements
bulletOption #2
Advertising Co-op for newspaper, direct mail, radio or TV advertising, literature, uniforms, identification materials, wearables, and home shows.
bulletOption #3
Incentive Trip T/B/A
bulletTerms and Conditions
Please request a full dealer enrollment package for full complete terms and conditions.
bulletEquiguard Extended Service Agreements
bulletWhat is Equiguard? It is really this simple.
bulletWith this unique warranty protection you can structurally make money on warranty service calls.
bulletChances are if you lock in a customer by selling him an extended warranty you will be able to retain them as an active customer.
bulletLet Sid Harvey's and Equiguard show you the money.
bulletQuick and easy registration
bulletPolicies are available for all types of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
bulletPolicies can even be purchased on equipment you didn't even purchase from Sid Harvey's.
bulletProtect you and your customers against Utility Consolidator with Equiguard extended service agreements.
bulletSid Harvey's will pay for approved advertising at 50% under the co-op advertising program option #2.  Please request a full dealer enrollment package for full details.  Prior approval is required on all advertisements; TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements.  Sample advertisements are available to registered dealers.
bulletHRSI Consumer Finance Program
bulletTelephone approval provided in 15 minutes.
bulletChoose delayed payment programs up to 90 days.
bulletOffers payment within 4 days after job completion.
bulletApplies to ICP Equipment only ( Heil, Tempstar).

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Dealer Program information packet request

If you would like to receive a complete informational package about the Sid Harvey Equipment Dealer Package; including dealer enrollment form, and terms and conditions, click here. Please include your first and last name, company name, address, phone number and email address.

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