CS (Customer Solutions) offers owners and managers of HVAC/R companies a suite of proven solutions that increase profitability and efficiency.

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  1.  coolfront solution

• Zero-cost, flat rate mobile app in use on over 60 million service calls.

• Web app that runs on most smartphones, tablets or laptops.

• Works in the “cloud” – no software or server needed.

• Based on Profit Strategies flat rate database pricing with automatic updates.

• Real time syncing – keeping everyone updated on Work Order status.

• Techs can automatically reorder used parts.

  2.  custom inventory solution

• Electronic interface between your company and Sid Harvey’s.

• Eliminates obsolete parts; controls shrinkage; cuts inventory overhead.

• May allow you to reduce or eliminate your warehouse and related staff.

• Permits seasonal rebalancing of stock room and truck inventory.

• Invoices integrate with your software.

• Streamline billing – get one consolidated invoice each week.


  3.  barcode solution

• Parts scanning program that treats each service truck as its own warehouse.

• Use to manage inventory throughout your company – in your warehouse and on all service vehicles.

• Just-in-Time ordering reduces inventory and speeds up replenishment.

• Ideal for a single truck or fleet vehicles.


  4.  sidlink / sidtemplate solution

• Utilizes Order Pad and Quick Entry for rapid entry that drastically reduces the time and effort spent getting replacement parts.

• Uses your part numbers or ours.

• Uses a Prior Purchase menu for fast order processing.

• You designate delivery or pickup in advance.

• Use Template ordering to keep lists of parts needed for repeat installation jobs.

• Search / Select allows search by number, description or category.

• Creates POs for each job ticket or service truck.

  5.  total management solution

• After analysis, our team will present a custom-designed, unique solution for your business.

• For example, we can create a Sid Harvey branch that's physically linked to your location, dedicated exclusively to your company's inventory supply needs.